id string The unique resource identifier.
reference string A unique reference for this reseller.
name object The reseller’s name which is used in communication.
notification_email_address string The reseller’s email address to where notifications will be sent.
country string Alpha-2 country code.
api_key string The reseller’s unique API key for API operations.
currency object Billing Currency
balances array Billing Balance
domain_price_list object Reseller Domain Price List
hosting_price_list object Reseller Hosting Price List
open_xchange_price_list object Reseller OX Price List
override_total_domain_count number The number of domains that will be used to determine the domain slab.
is_enabled boolean If false, this reseller cannot be used.
is_watermark_notifications_enabled boolean If true, watermark notifications will be sent to notification_email_address if the balance passes one of the set watermarks.
is_domain_expiry_notifications_enabled boolean If true, domain expiration notifications will be sent to notification_email_address.
is_domain_provisioner boolean If true, a custom doman provisioning account is provisioned.
is_auto_renew_enabled boolean If true, domains that are about to expire are renewed automaticaly if there is sufficient balance.
is_balance_transfer_enabled boolean If true, this reseller can transfer balance to his peers.