Domain TLD

Note: we are changing value with integer in order to support multple interval TLDs.

id string The resource identifier. (Will be replaced with pk value soon).
pk number TLD’s unique resource identifier. (Will be renamed to id when migration is completed).
name string TLD’s name.
validation_category string If validation is required, the required validation category.
interval number Renewal interval.
is_authorization_code_required boolean Requires authentication code for transfers.
is_dns_zone_required_before_registration boolean DNS zone needs to be active for registration/transfer.
is_renewable_in_advance boolean Domain can be renewed for more than one interval.
is_update_only_billed_for_change_of_ownership boolean Update costs only apply for change of ownership.
is_restorable boolean Can be restored after deletion.
provider object Domain Provider
domain_syntax object Domain TLD Syntax
registrant object Domain TLD Registrant
is_custom_authorization_code_supported boolean Supports custom authorization codes.
transfer_foa boolean Requires Form of Authorization on transfer.
actions_available list List of actions that can be performed on domain.
create_domain_periods list List of domain registration periods in months.
renew_domain_periods list List of supported periods with domain renewal in months
auto_renew_domain_periods list List of supported periods for automatic domain renewal in months
name_servers object Domain TLD Name Servers
contacts object Domain TLD Additional Contacts
is_transfer_lock_supported boolean If TLD supports transfer lock or not.
is_privacy_protect_supported boolean If TLD supports privacy protect or not. NOTE: This values is only available when this feature is supported by the TLD

Domain TLD Syntax

min_length string Minimal length for domain name.
max_length string Maximal length for domain name.
idn_support boolean IDN characters supported by TLD.
allowed_characters string Lists all possible characters in domain name.

Domain TLD Registrant

organization_required boolean Organization details should be included.
organization_allowed boolean Organization details can be included.
allowed_countries list List of country codes with allowed countries.

Domain TLD Name Servers

min number Minimal number of name servers to be supplied during registration.
max number Maximal number of name servers to be supplied during registration.
required boolean Name Servers should be supplied during registration.

Domain TLD Additional Contacts

admin object Admin contact details. See table below.
billing object Billing contact details. See table below.
tech object Technical contact details. See table below.

Domain TLD Additional Contact Details

min number Minimal number of admin contacts per domain.
max number Maximal number of admin contacts per domain.
organization_allowed boolean Contacts can be organization.
organization_required boolean Contacts should be organization.