cPanel AccountΒΆ

id string The unique resource identifier (UUID)
plan object cPanel plan
display_name string Human readable name
is_auto_renew_enabled bool Indicates if the purchase automatically gets renewed
client_reference string An optional value to be filled by the client. This is usable to identify the created object by an client-side defined value. A use case is the ability to recover from an network-error during creation e.g. no response returned after creation of the customer.
status string The current purchase status
created string ISO-8601 format.
updated string ISO-8601 format.
expires string ISO-8601 format. Will trigger the purchase renewal, if applicable (is_auto_renew_enabled)
deleted string ISO-8601 format.
provisioning_data object Provisioning related data.
provisioned string ISO-8601 format.
reseller_relative_path string Relative path between parent and child reseller. Included only for provisioning resellers.
username string The username of the cPanel account
domain string The primary domain of the account
provisioning_host object cPanel Host