Cloud Solutions Tenant

id uuid The unique resource identifier
provisioning_region object Deprecated please use ‘provisioner’
provisioner object Cloud Solutions Provisioning Region
reseller object Reseller
indirect_reseller string Cloud Solutions Indirect Reseller
country object Country
client_reference string

Optional API user determined value to track a created tenant.

Can for example be used with a GET request to check if a failed POST call (due to network issues for example) has succeeded after all.

display_name string Tenant name Example:
first_name string  
last_name string  
company_name string  
phone_number string  
email_address string  
email string Deprecated. Use email_address instead
state string  
city string  
address_line1 string  
address_line2 string Optional second address
zip_code string  
default_address object Tenant billing profile address +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | address_line1 | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | address_line2 | string | Optional second address | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | address_lines | string | Deprecated. Use address_line_1 and | | | | address_line_2 | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | first_name | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | last_name | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | postal_code | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | city | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | country | string | For example: ‘US’ | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | region | string | State | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+ | phone_number | string | | +——————-+———-+——————————————–+
culture string Determines Microsoft Partner Center data representation: number, currency, etc. For example ‘en-US’
language   Determines Microsoft Partner Center language
locale string Deprecated. Only used for application language. For example ‘en_EN’
mca_sign_date string Date/time of MCA signing. Format: ‘2019-01-01 00:00:00.000000’
mca_template_id string Template ID of the signed MCA. Should match the latest provisioner mca_template_id to be compliant.
is_mca_compliant bool

Indicate if a tenant is signed with the latest Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA).

A tenant’s MCA is valid when it’s signed (see mca_sign_date and the mca_template_id matches the provisioner mca template id (the latest agreement).

mca_error_message string When set, means that MCA signing is failed. Contains human readable error message.
created datetime Date/time of creation
status string Status of tenant. Possible values: ‘active’ or ‘deleted’
updated datetime Date/time of last update