Errors are always returned as an HTTP 200 response with JSON body. The body is as follows:

    'success': False,
    'error': {
        'code': 'billing_balance_insufficient',
        'message': 'Insufficient balance.'

Possible errors

internal_error An unhandled error occurred. Please contact support if the error persists.
request_decode_failed The request body / query string cannot be parsed.
request_resource_unknown The requested URL is unknown.
request_validation_failed The API call failed. The response contains a key message which contains an object with keys for which errors occurred detailed error information.
request_version_invalid The requested URL is not available in the requested version.
azure_tenant_not_found The tenant cannot be found.
billing_balance_insufficient Insufficient balance to perform operation.
billing_balance_unknown The balance does not exist.
billing_transaction_already_completed The transaction is already completed and therefor cannot be completed again.
billing_transaction_should_not_be_nested The operation cannot be performed because the billing transaction is generated by the system and not manually.
billing_transaction_status_invalid The operation cannot be performed because the billing transaction’s status does not allow this operation.
billing_transaction_unknown The transaction does not exist.
cloud_solutions_tenant_not_found The tenant cannot be found.
cloud_solutions_subscription_unknown The subscription cannot be found.
cloud_solutions_region_unknown The region is not available for given reseller.
cloud_solutions_offer_use_limit_exceeded Raised when offer use limit for ordered subscription is exceeded.
cpanel_account_unknown_error Raised when the cPanel account can not be found.
cpanel_availability_zone_unknown_error Raised when the availability zone of cPanel can not be found
cpanel_availability_zone_active_host_error Raised when trying to delete an availability zone of cPanel when it has active hosts.
cpanel_host_unknown_error Raised when the host of cPanel can not be found.
custom_product_plan_unknown Raised when a Custom Product Plan can not be found.
custom_product_plan_in_use Raised when a Custom Product Plan is deleted while it is still in use.
custom_product_price_list_unknown Raised when a Custom Product Price List can not be found.
custom_product_price_list_in_use Raised when a Custom Product Price List is deleted while it is still in use.
custom_product_price_unknown Raised when a Custom Product Price can not be found.
custom_product_unknown Raised when a Custom Product can not be found.
custom_product_already_delivered Raised when trying to deliver an already delivered Custom Product.
custom_product_invalid_expiry_date Raised when the given expires date is after the maximum allowed expires date.
custom_product_is_not_renewable Raised when trying to renew a Custom Product without interval.
dns_service_none_available There are no free servers to provision the DNS zone.
dns_zone_unknown Requested DNS zone does not exist.
domain_brand_exists Domain brand already exists.
domain_brand_unknown Domain brand unknown.
domain_brand_create_failed Domain brand could not be created. The error message contains a more detailed reason.
domain_brand_create_pending Domain brand creation is in progress.
domain_brand_update_failed Domain brand could not be updated. The error message contains a more detailed reason.
domain_brand_update_pending Domain brand update is in progress.
domain_brand_template_unknown Domain brand email template unknown.
domain_brand_template_update_failed Domain brand template could not be updated. The error message contains a more detailed reason.
domain_contact_another_update_in_progress There already is another update that is being processed.
domain_contact_cannot_be_deleted Domain contact cannot be deleted because it is used for active domain registrations.
domain_contact_creation_failed Domain contact could not be created. The error message contains a more detailed reason.
domain_contact_provider_property_immutable The property that is being changed cannot be changed.
domain_contact_provider_property_required At least one of the domain contacts is missing required domain contact properties.
domain_contact_provider_property_validation_failed The value entered for the specified property is invalid.
domain_contact_unknown Requested domain contact does not exist.
domain_deleted Requested domain is deleted.
domain_unknown Requested domain does not exist.
domain_host_in_use The domain host is being used as a name server for a domain.
domain_host_unknown There is no domain host defined for one of the name servers.
domain_not_managed The domain’s is_managed property equals false.
domain_price_missing There is no price defined for the specified action.
domain_provider_unknown Requested domain provider does not exist.
domain_redirect_unknown Requested domain redirect does not exist.
domain_registration_failed The domain registration failed. A detailed reason for this is contained in the message.
domain_suspended Requested domain is suspended. This happens if the is_suspended property of a domain is set to true.
domain_tld_unknown Requested TLD does not exist.
domain_transfer_unknown Requested domain transfer does not exist.
domain_update_failed The domain update failed. A detailed error is contained in the error message.
domain_update_other_process_in_progress There is an update pending. Updates cannot be processed in parallel.
event_unknown Requested event does not exist.
hosting_account_domain_limit_reached The total amount of domains linked would exceed the max_domain_count property of the hosting account.
hosting_account_suspended Requested hosting account is suspended.
hosting_account_unknown Requested hosting account does not exist.
hosting_account_user_unknown Requested hosting account user does not exist.
hosting_price_list_unknown Requested hosting price list does not exist.
hosting_type_unknown Requested hosting type does not exist.
pricing_price_unknown Price cannot be found.
pricing_price_list_unknown Price list cannot be found.
pricing_price_list_in_use Price list is currently in use by a reseller.
pricing_purchase_price_list_unknown Reseller price list configuration cannot be found.
pricing_purchase_price_plan_unknown Purchase price/plan cannot be found.
product_third_party_error Product action failed due to error at 3rd party service.
ox_price_list_unknown Requested Open-Xchange price list does not exist.
ox_type_unknown Requested Open-Xchange type does not exist.
reseller_api_key_missing No reseller API key was provided.
reseller_inactive The reseller with the given API key is disabled.
reseller_unknown A reseller with the given API key does not exist.
ssl_certificate_download_error Raised when tried to get a certificate which does not exist or is not available for the reseller who is requesting it.
vps_instance_unknown Requested VPS Instance does not exist.
vps_instance_deleted Requested VPS Instance is deleted.
vps_instance_expired Requested VPS Instance is expired.
vps_instance_suspended Requested VPS Instance is suspended.
vps_instance_already_executing_command Requested VPS Instance is busy executing commands.
vps_instance_not_suspended Requested VPS Instance is not suspended yet.
vps_instance_cannot_be_restored Requested VPS Instance can not be restored.
vps_instance_cannot_be_renewed Requested VPS Instance can not be renewed.
vps_instance_locked Requested VPS Instance locked.
purchase_change_request_unknown A purchase change request with the given API key does not exist